I was thinking the other day, how I have come full circle almost.. I began my creative pursuits with singing on the radio for the first time when I was a child. And then music drifted off into the background until I was a teen..

What many people around me don’t know is that my second creative pursuit was film making. I made my first film at around 13 or so.. It was a short where the word “Monsters” was spelled out as the intro by laying down plastic day-glow letters, which my brother Gary crawled all over and ruined the shot. Cost me 20 bucks. And you never even got past the opening credits. But I digress…

I have always loved film, and the look of film.. but in truth… its not even the look. It’s the imperfections of ‘bad’ film I love. While most people search for clean lines, in my creative work I love artifacts, scratches, odd behavior.. It gives life to footage.. just like electronic manipulation of sound creates new sounds. I think the artifacts add to the story..

Anyway, this post is really just a note to myself. I was going to bookmark these pages and such, but in the end, I think that my little discoveries are worth sharing, so..  It begins with me watching this video after a terrible migraine…

This video was made by using a CCTV lens, made for a surveillance camera. You can get one of these types, known as CS Mount CCTV lenses, for about 7-20 bucks on the low end, and about 600.00 on the high end (not seen any videos with these types). Deal Extreme has them for under 8 bucks!

What I liked about this footage was the surreal look, the softness. The vignette is sometimes an unwanted thing for most, but I love it. Obviously, the Mojo plugin gave it the retro-dreamy-color look, but you can see the blur on the sides, and the frames look very film-like. So.. I am going to make myself a kit or two using these charming cheapies.. :)

To adapt this type of lens to a Micro thirds camera, you would also need this thing:

EzFoto-C-Mount-Adapter for about 10 bucks

… And what do you know,  there’s a 35mm kit with the adapter for 31.00 .. Not too shabby.

http://www.dinodirect.com/tv-lens-35mm-f1-7-c-mount.html   That one is comparable to SLR Magic Lenses that are going for about the 150-200 range for under 30 bucks.

So for about 50 bucks.. I can have an 8mm, 16mm, and a a 35mm group of ‘special’ lenses. Sounds like a plan.

I have already adapted an old 50 and 28mm SLR lens to my G3, and I do love the results. I ran some tests on Sunday and I must say, the results were pretty good. It takes some getting used to, and the effects are not always controllable, but the fun factor is way high, and the cost has been very low. Will this replace the 5DMKII ?? No, no way. But it is a great way to augment my kit. There’s lots of filming in my future. In that future, I also see a Canon 7D. But I will let that stay as a dream for now. : )

See? Even on digital photos.. the grain adds to their charm.. This was taken in Sau Paulo, Brasil in the metro station.