For today, I am going to only list the tracks from this release, which is from Twilight Records (Buenos Aires, Argentina).
Volume One was a pleasure to create because it is a great way for people to know who Abox is, and what phases we’ve been through.. So here’s the track listing with my notes for all 19 songs.. :)

1. Living in Oblivion RM – I don’t think I need to say much about this song, but this version is re-mastered and is a mix that is n bot more pumping. I like calling it the Elektrode Mix.
2. Kiss of Love Unknown remix – this is not only a re-master, but has alternate sounds and sequences that were not released before, and again, if you thought the original mis pumped, this one is dance-floor friendly
3 . World Without Love RM – A nice, re-mastered version of one of my favorite songs
4. The Ravine Video Mix – The re-mastered version that I edited for the b&w video on YT.
People always asked for it.. so there it is
5. Answer me – Pumped up for real..
6. Blue Little Rose – Sounds more heavenly now
7. A Moment’s Shifting – Re-mastered and sounds really good
8. Emily – Re-mastered and sounds really good
9. Doubt – Re-mastered and sounds really good
10. Conscious

– Re-mastered and sounds really good
11. Clean – Re-mastered and sounds really good
12. Welcome to The End – Re-mastered and sounds really good
13. 65 millon miles – Re-mastered and sounds really good
14. Atlantis – Re-mastered and sounds really good
15. Heaven – No one really knows this song, except hard core fans who were with us from the start. This is in fact a rehearsal of it just before we were to go and play it for the first time. So this is history..
16. Destinations – A song that was a demo for Peace. I just felt it was better off for Worth, then it got buried in tours and stuff. Always liked this version, because it is so raw, us just in front of each other and everything is being played as it happens..
17. Ascension – A song from our very first demo, the title track in fact. Gothy and could be a b-side to All These Hours.
18. Pray – If Soul On Fire had actually been released, this was my B-Side for it..
19. Hypocrites 1st Mix – This was the first time I sang this song to tape..

The US version of this album will be on endpop and will be download only, but that date has not been set yet. This version is a digipak with photos and a painting I did just for this version. Cheers!!!