is the link you can check out and see what the fuss is all about. And of this writing, a US release is also planned for one of those records, which is Volume One. But for now, you can only get these special versions directly from Twilight Records.

Here is thepicture of Volume One that has been posted all over the place as of late for them.. Including FB. so yes, even though I am still on FB Vacation, there is some activity on my part to keep up with things. The albums being released in Argentina are: Hope, Worth, Recovered & Volume One. The cover and back cover for Worth is now my favorite, something we all knew should have been the cover, but for some reason I resisted the idea.. :) Now it gets a facelift. These are all digipaks by the way, and they look truly beautiful…

And while on the subject, I just want to say thank you for all the kin d words I’ve recieved from you all. I am ok, and in truth, there are very personal and important reasons why I’ve chosen to stay away from FB. I don’t hate Facebook, in fact, it was a great experience to connect with fans and family from all over the world, and I will return to this because in many ways, I do feel that I could be a positive influence. At least I think so. I will let you guys decide that.

But don’t worry, I am fine. In fact, being away from it all has allowed my brain to focus more on the task of creating new music, and as soon as these ideas coalesce into something good, believe me, I will be back to share it with all of you. Meanwhile, all is not lost. My blogs exist for me to write down my thoughts, and maybe this will be a better way to keep me grounded?? I don’t really know, but let’s give this a try. It is worth it for me to do make a few changes in my life. Positive changes that help us become better human beings are never a bad thing right??

See you all soon! :D

Claude S.