I’ve done things like this before, of course. A few weeks back I gave away The Diary’s first album, completely Re-mastered.. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that I would do it again. Here it is.. 5.2  And the track listing is this:

01. Living In Oblivion . Elektrode

02. A Moment’s Shifting

02. Carmen . Just One More Day Remix

04. Every Single Day . Unknown Mix

05. Do you Hear Me Anymore

06. All These Hours Undone . Extended

07.  Because . Longer Orchestral Mix

And the link to get it is right here: Anything Box 5.2 EP from endpop.com in case you don’t want to read any further…

But in case that you are staying with me on this post, I just want to tell you a little bit about why I did it, why today of all days and so forth. Well, The reason is two fold. For one thing, I am still working on material for Anything Box’s next release, whether it will be a single or an EP I will not say for now. I am working on Kiss Of Love 2011, and at the same time a cover of a Portishead song, Machine Gun (coming out delicious I might add). It’s a productive time, albeit slow at the start. I’ve been through some heavy stuff, but the world is moving on, and it is my duty to make people smile, even if it kills me in the process. That… That is how I roll these days. So yes, there you are, a free one. Something to keep you excited! What is coming will add to the legacy of what these 7 songs mean to me, and I am very proud to continue with my music and my art.

5.2? Well, 40 years ago to the day my family stepped off an airplane and my life in Argentina ended and my life in the United States began.  And just a year ago on this very day I played with Moenia in my other adoptive country, Peru and fell in love. Being a bit of a sentimentalist, you can see why I chose to give away a few songs today. To celebrate all of it. Free from all my hang ups, I have come to realize that life is good. Everything happens for a reason, and right now… I am feeling quite happy.

Going back to the studio…