Animorè is born! I know that it may come as a bit of a surprise to know that the new single, EverAfter , and video is not actually an Anything Box release. In this case there’s a good reason, and I’ve sent this email out for everyone to hear it from my own heart… This is about making a change, and taking a chance in altering the future. That’s what I’ve set about to do, and I will need all the support I can get from anyone who has ever been affected by the music and art of Anything Box, and The Diary. And now I need you!!! In fact, this feels very much like it felt when I wrote, Living In Oblivion. I knew that I was leaving my hometown for the west coast. Only now the hurdles are higher, the risks greater… love is worth it. As many of you may have guessed, back in May of 2010 I went to Lima, Peru to play a show with Moenia. It was the most incredible week of my life. Why? Because I fell in love with someone there who opened up my heart. We both knew that it was a crazy thing, too. I mean how do we work this? She lives in South America, and I am in southern CA!!! It seemed to me that if we worked for it, that it would happen… and so it began. And it was magic… The song says it all.. . I took three trips there, and as often happens, the months in between got worse. The more we saw each other for that short time, the more it would hurt to leave. We knew we loved each other, so we carried on. But make no mistake…. It’s a difficult thing. Skype, emails, phones… Not enough. Not for me, and not for her. And how long do we keep it up like this? Something had to happen. At first, I was at least happy to see that my slumbering creativity was coming out of a deep sleep. I posted lyrics and songs have been flowing out of me (especially in the last few weeks) from day one… I loved being in Lima… Loved it. And one morning I had a dream vision while really lost in Neverville ( a very real place). I felt such desolation, and in that moment… It all became clear. I have to make dreams happen. I can do this. And only someone as surrealist as me, thevcrazy artist that I am can pull it off. Let me put the truth out there, I said… Let me take these new songs and make them truly new… So here is the truth… She lives in Peru. I live in California. The distance is incredible. There are debts, changes in career. Risks. And the relationship hangs in the balance. Can a few of my songs and my art change our destiny? Only if I make it so. With your help to spread the story, I say…. YES!!!!! Have a great New Year!!! I will keep you posted… :)Claude S. / Animorè