I saw the sun, or was it your eyes
Filling me, with their countenance of light…
Motionless, they just became the warmth
Settled within me ever after…

I felt the wind, or was it your skin
Brushing me, shook me to my very core
I have to say, oh what a feeling
Coming over me ever after…

I stole a kiss, the taste was perfect
Our lips collide, sends me through the stratosphere
Above the stars, beyond my woven dreams
Where I’m flying through the ever after

All the things I used to be
seem so meaningless and somehow
thoughts that cross the deep blue seas
float right back in my I love you (s)
As it stands and as it were,
I will love you till the end,
maybe past it, I don’t know
all I know is I want you with me…

© 2010 | Claude S. | Anything Box

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